Fruity Drink - Trévo - 100% Organic - Restoration of the Body's Vital Energy - 473.15 ml

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Powerful 100% natural nutritional supplement indicated for the restoration, renewal and amplification of the body's vital functions

Trevo provides all the nutrients your body needs for optimal health. It's a combination of things that come together to provide more energy, a healthier body, and a positive mental attitude. When our body reaches this level of completeness, it is easier for it to protect and heal itself independently. In this case, the body is not just defending itself against pain and illness; It tends to maintain its health, without any outside help.

Trévo is:

  1. Better concentration and learning;

  2. Better weight management;

  3. Improved cardiovascular system health;

  4. Improved immune system health;

  5. Better regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar levels;

  6. Improved digestive system health;

  7. An anti-aging boosted and boosted;

  8. Better regulation of the pH level of the blood;

  9. Better recovery after physical exertion;

  10. A feeling of well-being.

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Trévo, the Power of Well-being!

Trévo is not just a fruity drink, nor is it another multivitamin supplement on the market. Trévo is the only drink that contains an entire health system, in just one bottle. With up to 174 of the best 100% natural and nutraceutical ingredients harvested from all over the world. Trévo is no match to any other nutritional supplement you will find on the market.

In addition, Trévo adapts to the needs of a 2-year-old baby as well as those of adults of all ages! It is truly the best of all nutritional products in the world. The content of Trévo Trévo's unique formula contains essential vitamins and minerals, vital trace minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants, digestive enzymes, coral calcium, fulvic acid and Co-Enzyme Q10 that your body needs.


1. A unique product

Trévo is unique, we will never offer you a variety of pills, because it contains in itself absolutely all the nutrients that your body needs, and in more than sufficient quantities! Containing up to 174 vegetarian ingredients, we can assure you you've had it all, when you've taken one dose of Trévo a day!

2. A product with an absolutely delicious taste!

Many of our customers have thought that Trévo is a fruit juice, so exquisite does it taste. This is its natural sweet taste, derived exclusively from the exotic and garden fruits contained in Trévo, which makes Trévo consumable even by diabetics! It is also highly recommended to them, for their blood sugar problems.

3. A product with integral nutritional intake.

We usually say that Trévo is life in a bottle, because it really contains absolutely everything the body can dream of, in terms of nutrition. The ORAC test from Brunswick Laboratories in the United States, one of the most reliable tests in the world, has certified that Trévo is the only product in the world, which brings you 373,000 units of antioxidants in one bottle! Your body needs 4,000 to 5,000 units of antioxidants a day every day to be on top. But just one dose of Trévo a day, ONLY ONE, brings you AT LEAST 12,000 units! No other dietary supplement can boast of this in the whole world! Trévo is currently by far the best health product in the world in terms of fighting free radicals.

4. A 100% natural and vegetable product.

Vegetarians do not have to worry with Trévo, since it is made only from plants (fruits, vegetables, algae, tree bark, roots, therapeutic herbs, ...). This quality is also proven, because Trévo has HALAL certification, which shows that there is no trace of animal substances in the Trévo.

5. A liquid and highly bioabsorbable product.

Trévo has the particularity of being in liquid formula and not in pill form, thus facilitating its consumption. In addition, Trévo is bio-absorbable, that is to say that it goes directly into the blood, without necessarily going through digestion. Its formula has been micronized, allowing it to go directly to feed the cells, for faster results on the health of sick or extremely tired people!

6. A truly effective product!

Trévo has been tested in the laboratory, and has obtained the CAP-e certification, which shows that by consuming LESS THAN HALF OF A DOSE PER DAY, the benefits of Trévo are already starting to work in the body!

7. A product for all ages from 02 years old.

The Trévo formula has been designed in such a way that young and old alike will fully benefit from it. In addition, you will never have trouble getting your children to accept Trévo, we assure you that it will be quite the opposite, you will have a hard time keeping Trévo out of their reach!

8. A complete and more economical product.

If you try to buy on the food supplement market or in pharmacies each of the nutrients contained in Trévo and in the quantities that have been provided, you will easily spend a 300,000 FCFA per month without realizing it! In addition, Trévo contains up to 174 ingredients, in a single bottle! If you had to get each of the ingredients at only 1,000 FCFA, you would spend up to 174,000 FCFA for a single bottle! If you had to get them at 500 FCFA each, you would spend up to 87,000 FCFA per bottle. And if you had to get each of the ingredients at only 250 FCFA, you would still spend 43,500 FCFA. But you get Trévo in Cameroon at 40,000 FCFA only a bottle for a whole month, which is absolutely fabulous!

9. An internationally tested and certified product.

The Trévo product has obtained more than 10 international certifications from major international laboratories, such as BRUNSWICK laboratories, in the United States. These certifications include ORAC, KOSHER, FDA, HALAL and CAP-e. It is on the basis of these certifications that we can affirm that Trévo is the most comprehensive and effective of all health products in its category worldwide.

10. A product suitable for all physical states.

Whether you are sick or healthy, Trévo will help you. Sick people will take Trevo with their medication, to speed up their healing process. Healthy people tend to worry about their health only when they are sick, but by making a controlled investment in Trévo, they will save themselves the big expense of buying medicines and other treatments for recovery. Trévo is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women because it provides breast milk with a myriad of nutrients that will strengthen your babies' immune protection. 


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Diabetes, Wellness, Blood Pressure, Stroke, Weight Management, Eye System, Cardiovascular Health, Anemia, Energy, Digestion

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Fruity Drink - Trévo - 100%...

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