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Ginseng Coffee - Edmark - Instant Drink with Ginseng Extracts - 20 Sachets of 18 g

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Instant coffee cream with ginseng extracts to strengthen the immune system and endurance

Edmark ginseng coffee is a 100% natural product without adverse effects, certified ISO 22000, Halal, GMP ... It invigorates the brain and memory while boosting visual and auditory functions. Ginseng coffee keeps you alert and awake. It promotes concentration and effectively fights fatigue. This coffee reduces bad cholesterol. It reduces blood pressure, maximizes oxygen supply and increases aerobic activity. It reduces the heartbeat during physical exercises. It is an antioxidant with anti-aging properties that prevents cancer, corrects infertility and sexual impotence.

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Edmark, Ginseng Coffee, Coffee Cream with Ginseng Extracts, 20 sachets of 18 g

Coffee is a psychotropic stimulating energy drink, obtained from the roasted seeds of various varieties of coffee tree, coffee shrub, of the genus Coffea. It is among the top three most consumed caffeinated beverages in the world, along with tea and mate.

Coffee cultivation is highly developed in many tropical climate countries in America, Africa and Asia, on plantations that are grown for international trade export markets. It often represents a major contribution to the economy of producing countries (coffee economy).

Ginseng has positive effects on the human body especially at the level of the nervous system and the immune system. Increased brain activity Increased memory capacity and concentration Anti-fatigue and anti-stress, Improvement of the immune system (increase in the number of white blood cells) Facilitates healing in case of inflammation (rheumatism, cancer) Helps fight against aging Slows the development of cancer Improves vision in case of myopia and presbyopia.

According to some studies, ginseng would have effects on sperm production (spermatogenesis) and could help in case of infertility Restores sports performance Restores male and female sexual performance Effective for students when preparing for exams. Brings serenity and concentration. Excellent source of energy it regulates and normalizes blood pressure. It is an Anti-hot flash. It soothes hot feet and hands. It helps to lose weight and helps to avoid snacking between meals.

Thanks to its delicious taste and remarkable fragrance, ginseng coffee will amaze your guests and bring happiness and conviviality. Useful in the case of work meetings and coffee laying in companies. Beneficial for people who are addicted to coffee and take more than 3 cups of regular coffee per day.

With Edmark's ginseng coffee, 1 sachet of 18g will suffice. You can consume 2 sachets without it making you nervous or increasing your heart rate. Some people even find that it improves sleep quality.

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Technical data sheet

17 cm
Item weight
360 g
Place of manufacture
Shipping costs
1000 FCFA (Libreville) / 2000 FCFA (Akanda+Owendo) / 3500 rest of Gabon
Contents of the box
20 x 18 g sachets
Therapeutic indications
Fatigue, immune system, nervous system
Special warnings
Prohibited for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under 18 years of age.
Product dimensions (LxWxD)
17.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 11.5

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Ginseng Coffee - Edmark -...

28.17 $

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