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Coffee 73 - Edmark - Sugar Free, with Ganoderma Extracts - 20 Sachets of 12 g

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Coffee cream without sugar, strengthens the immune system and endurance

Coffee 73 is sugar-free and delicious. It strengthens the immune system and sexual stamina. It lowers blood sugar levels, especially in diabetics. It is made of cream and ganoderma mixed with the best coffee beans. Without artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives, it also allows:

  • Oxygenate the body and balance body pH;

  • Support blood circulation;

  • Lower blood sugar levels;

  • Regenerate memory cells;

  • Promote concentration;

  • Reduce blood pressure;

  • Boost the immune system;

  • Reduce allergies and inflammation;

  • Promote a good night's sleep;

  • Increase sexual stamina.

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Edmark, Café 73, creamy, sugar-free, with Ganoderma extracts against general fatigue. 20 sachets of 12 g

Coffee is a psychotropic stimulating energy drink, obtained from the roasted seeds of various varieties of coffee tree, coffee shrub, of the genus Coffea. It is among the top three most consumed caffeinated beverages in the world, along with tea and mate.

Coffee cultivation is highly developed in many tropical climate countries in America, Africa and Asia, on plantations that are grown for international trade export markets. It often represents a major contribution to the economy of producing countries (coffee economy).

Coffee 73 is an anti-fatigue, tonic, which gives more energy and vigor. It develops the resistance of the body and mind. It increases muscle strength. Ganoderma lucidum strengthens the body in general in the long term: it revitalizes life. It oxygenates the whole organism. It increases breathing by helping to oxygenate the cells. It also treats respiratory tract disorders.

Reishi stimulates and strengthens the immune system. It thus prevents microbial diseases (bacteria and viruses), which are at the origin of colds, infections, flu. It helps fight yeast infections. It protects the blood and lymphatic system, promotes good blood circulation, reduces fats in the blood and makes it more fluid. Thus, it helps prevent heart disease and CVA.

Ganoderma lucidum increases lifespan while promoting better health thanks to its 150 antioxidants. It is an anti-aging that protects the skin against free radicals (anti-wrinkle) and radiation.

It leads to the natural detoxification of the body. It is the king of cleansing the body. Reishi improves the duration and quality of sleep. It strengthens memory and helps slow down Alzheimer's disease. Ganoderma lucidum prevents Parkinson's disease. It relieves migraines.

Reishi helps fight constipation by acting on intestinal transit. It also improves digestion. It helps to lose weight thanks to its ability to burn fat.

To achieve maximum effect, you are advised in parallel with taking this coffee, to have a healthy diet and practice physical exercises regularly.

Finally, Ganoderma lucidum has anticancer properties. It helps reduce the risk of cancer. It promotes liver detoxification, prevents liver failure. Reishi largely eliminates the harmful effect of caffeine from coffee. It improves the functioning of the kidneys. Ganoderma lucidum promotes the reduction of allergies (asthma, bronchitis).

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Technical data sheet

11.5 cm
16 cm
Item weight
240 g
Shipping costs
1000 FCFA (Libreville) / 2000 FCFA (Akanda+Owendo) / 3500 rest of Gabon
Contents of the box
20 x 12 g sachets
Food supplement
Therapeutic indications
Diabetes, Sexual weakness, tension

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Coffee 73 - Edmark - Sugar...

31.49 $

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