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So Slim Coffee -Vitamax - 100% Organic Food Supplement for Slimming Diet - 10 sachets of 20 g

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Advanced formula of coffee with Senna leaf extracts for rapid weight loss and abdominal fat without changing eating habits

"Vitamax So Slim" is a food supplement with high-quality natural ingredients to sustainably combat overweight without the risk of regaining. Skimmed coffee that is highly effective in fat burning, "So Slim" is without added sugar. It's a formidable appetite suppressant that limits your appetite (without the risk of starving) while boosting your energy. Thus, it facilitates intestinal transit and vigorously fights constipation. which leads you to lose weight quickly without any side effects.

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Vitamax, Organic Coffee and Cream, Instant Food Supplement, Sugar-Free, 100% Organic and Without Side Effects, 10 Sachets of 20 g

Coffee (from Arabic القهوة: Elqahwah, stimulating drink) is a psychotropic stimulating energy drink, obtained from the roasted seeds of various varieties of coffee plant, the coffee shrub, of the Coffea genus. It is one of the top three most consumed caffeinated beverages in the world, along with tea and mate.

Coffee cultivation is highly developed in many tropical countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia, on plantations that are grown for international trade export markets. It often represents a major contribution to the economy of producing countries (coffee economy).


Vitamax So Slim is made with a proprietary blend of high-quality slimming ingredients, including probiotics and prebiotics that support weight loss and fitness naturally. This dietary supplement fits into sedentary lifestyles and can be taken at different times. It thus helps to reduce cravings and burn calories.

Vitamax So Slim is also a fat burning coffee made from pure traditional Malaysian herbs. It contains high-quality ingredients that work deeply in warming the fat burning cycle.

Its active ingredient, from the caffeine family, promotes lipolysis (fat burning). It also contains polyphenol which allows theine to slow down the assimilation of fats and carbohydrates by the body and thus reduce the amount of calories absorbed.

Let's just remember that "Vitamax So Slim" allows you to:

  • Burn excess fat;

  • Facilitate slimming as part of a slimming diet;

  • Facilitate digestion;

  • Eliminate toxins.

In addition, "So Slim" remains effective in the drainage of abdominal fat. For example, if you want to find a flat stomach, "So slim" is indeed a great ally.

It should also be noted that "Vitamax So slim" contains very powerful laxative properties. In this regard, user reviews indicate that drinking more than two cups a day can cause diarrhea. This diarrhoea is not a disease in itself. It's just a sign that "Vitamax So Slim" is doing its waste-eliminating effect.

In addition to slimming the belly, "Vitamax So Slim" burns all the fat mass of the body. It starts by eliminating toxins, then waste products before attacking fatty tissue. Its detox effects accelerate the weight loss process.

Dosage of Vitamax So Slim:

1. Attack phase: 1 sachet of 20g per day in the evening after dinner (30 minutes before bedtime) for 30 days.

2. Maintenance Mode: Dilute 1 sachet of 20 ml in a 120 ml cup of warm water, stir and enjoy.

Contraindications / Recommendations:

Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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Technical data sheet

Item weight
500 g
Place of manufacture
Contents of the box
10 bags of 20 g
Therapeutic indications
Obesity - Slimming diet - Weight loss - Diabetes
Method of administration and dosage
Dilute 1 sachet of 20 g in the evening after meals 30 minutes before bedtime for 30 days

Specific references

So Slim Coffee -Vitamax -...

36.46 $

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