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Troika Coffee - Edmark - Quality Gourmet Coffee with Ginseng Extracts, Tongkat Ali and Ganoderma - 20 sachets of 20 g

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Premium Quality Latte, with Ginseng Extracts, Tongkat Ali and Ganoderma, 100% Organic to Enhance Performance in Men and Women

Troika coffee is designed for men and women with low libido. It provides interesting results for men with erectile dysfunction, weak erection, low sperm count and premature ejaculations. 100% natural product without side effects. Troika coffee also improves the immune system, rejuvenates and tones the body, increases testosterone, improves overall health, delays aging processes, boosts hormonal balance in men and accelerates muscle growth.

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Edmark, Troika Coffee, Delicious Coffee Cream, Grand Gourmet with Ginseng Extracts, Tonkat Ali and Ganoderma, 20 sachets of 20 g

Coffee is a psychotropic stimulating energy drink, obtained from the roasted seeds of various varieties of coffee tree, coffee shrub, of the genus Coffea. It is among the top three most consumed caffeinated beverages in the world, along with tea and mate.

Coffee cultivation is highly developed in many tropical climate countries in America, Africa and Asia, on plantations that are grown for international trade export markets. It often represents a major contribution to the economy of producing countries (coffee economy).

Troika coffee is designed for both men and women with low libido. It gives interesting results in men with erectile dysfunction or a weak erection, low sperm count, or victim of premature ejaculation. It is a natural product with no side effects. This coffee is a combination of ginseng roots, Tongkat Ali and Ganoderma native to Malaysia, Korea, China and Nicaragua with the best aphrodisiac properties. Troika will give you 3 times more energy and stamina.

Ginseng Extract

Traditional Asian medicine is full of praise for ginseng which is used to boost the immune system, improve memory and cognitive function, improve energy levels, aid in weight loss, treat erectile dysfunction in men and suppress cancer growth.

Tongkat Ali Extract

This root is used as a remedy for age-related sexual disorders and andropause symptoms. It fights fatigue, boosts energy and libido, improves mood and normalizes blood sugar levels.

Ganoderma extract

Ganoderma is known for its alkalizing properties, thus balancing pH levels and oxygenating the blood and body. It stimulates the immune system. It lowers cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Technical data sheet

11.5 cm
16 cm
Item weight
500 g
Shipping costs
1000 FCFA (Libreville) / 2000 FCFA (Akanda+Owendo) / 3500 rest of Gabon
Contents of the box
20 x 20 g sachets
Food supplement
Therapeutic indications
Weak immune system, sexual weakness, low libido, weight management, fertility

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Troika Coffee - Edmark -...

38.12 $

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