Black Tea with Natural Cloves - Impra - Slimming Herbal Tea for Slimming Diet - 30 Bags of 2 g

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Impra Black Tea, 100% natural slimming herbal tea with cloves.

Impra black tea with cloves is a natural slimming herbal tea. It is extremely effective for those who want to lose weight without necessarily changing their diet. In addition, its tasty natural ingredients loosen the bowels and relieve you of constipation. It has no side effects. The box contains 30 sachets.

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Impra, 100% Natural Black Tea with Cloves for weight loss, 30 bags of 2g

Rich in water and very low in calories, tea has always been a highly recommended slimming drink as part of different diets. But there are many different types of teas and not all of them are created equal. Of course, we are talking about natural teas and not flavoured products. In recent times, Catherine tea has been very popular for its proven effectiveness in burning fat.

An herbal tea is a drink obtained by maceration, digestion, infusion or decoction of plant material (fresh or dried flowers, leaves, stems, roots), in hot or cold water. The term is used in everyday language to refer to all non-caffeinated infusions and thus differentiate them from tea and mate.

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Technical data sheet

Item weight
60 g
Place of manufacture
Sri Lanka
Shipping costs
1000 FCFA (Libreville) / 2000 FCFA (Akanda+Owendo)
Contents of the box
30 sachets
Therapeutic indications
Slimming diet, weight, diabetes
Method of administration and dosage
Place the sachet in a cup of boiling water. Leave for 10-20 minutes. Drink before bedtime
Product dimensions (LxWxD)
170 x 85 x 60 mm

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Black Tea with Natural...

8.27 $

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