Tea "Shake Off Phyto Fiber"- Edmark - Drink with Plant Fiber Extracts for Maintenance of the Digestive Tract

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"Shake Off Phyto Fiber, Herbal tea with vegetable fiber extracts for slimming diet and cleansing of the digestive tract

The Edmark Shakeoff Phyto Fiber is a drink with natural ingredients that cleanses, evacuates waste and all toxins from our colon, leaving it clean and healthy. Excellent detoxifying, this nutrient-rich drink has many other virtues including it:

  • Removes waste from the intestinal tract

  • Removes harmful fats that have been stored for a long time in the digestive tract

  • Stimulates good bacteria such as BIFIDUS

  • Promotes peristaltic movements of the intestine

  • Helps prevent fat buildup, which reduces the risk of obesity.

  • Also reduces bad cholesterol.

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Edmark, "Shake Off Phyto Fiber", Organic drink with vegetable fiber extracts, 12 sachets of 20 g

Edmark Shakeoff Phyto Fibre is a premium drink that cleanses the colon. It is composed of natural ingredients that sweep and eliminate all the toxins present in large quantities in the colon which thus becomes clean and healthy.

Indeed, the path that leads to good health and weight loss begins with the deep detoxification and cleansing of the colon, because it is the part of our body that receives abundantly what we eat.

Shakeoff contains the following ingredients: vegetable fiber, roselle, oats, garcinia cambogia. It helps cleanse and detoxify the digestive system to stay healthy and promote longevity.

One box of Edmark Shakeoff contains 12 packets of dietary fiber of 20g each.


  • No side effects

  • Fast, effective and affordable detoxification to prevent coprostasis and colon cancer

  • Promotes weight loss and reduces bad cholesterol

  • Good for people with diabetes

  • Promotes the growth of good bacteria to reduce constipation

  • Easy to carry, easy to prepare and great taste

  • Observe results within 6 to 8 hours after consumption


  • Pour the contents (one sachet) into a shaker with a lid

  • Add cold or plain water (300 ml) at room temperature

  • Cover the lid and shake immediately

  • Drink immediately (Do not exceed 15 seconds to prepare and drink all the contents)

  • Drink more water (300 ml).

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Technical data sheet

Item weight
240 g
Food supplement
Therapeutic indications
Obesity, dieting, digestion, colon cancer
Product dimensions (LxWxD)
150 x 110 x 60 mm

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Tea "Shake Off Phyto...

49.66 $

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