Catherine Tea - Fitne - Slimming Herbal Tea with Natural Plant Extracts - 16 Sachets of 18 g

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Slimming herbal tea, chrysanthemum flavor, with lemon extracts, honey and seed oil for weight load reduction

Catherine tea is a natural slimming herbal tea. It is extremely effective for those who want to lose weight without necessarily changing their diet. Herbal tea also has laxative effects that result in a noticeable weight change in just a few days. In addition, its tasty natural ingredients loosen the bowels and relieve you from constipation. It has no nasty side effects. The box contains 8 sachets containing 4 sachets respectively. Indications: Put the sachet in a cup of boiling water. Allow 10-20 minutes. Drink before bedtime

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Fitne, Caterine tea, Natural slimming tea with honey extracts, lemon, seed oil, 16 sachets of 18 g

Rich in water and very low in calories, tea has always been a slimming drink highly recommended as part of different diets. But there are many types of teas and they are not all equal. Of course, we are talking here about natural teas and not flavored products. In recent times, Catherine tea has been very successful for its proven effectiveness in burning fat.

Catherine tea and its slimming benefits

Catherine tea is effective in draining abdominal fat. If you want to find a flat stomach, it is a great ally. This is because herbal tea has very powerful laxative properties. Moreover, user reviews show that drinking more than two cups a day can cause diarrhea. Note that these diarrheas are not diseases in themselves, it is a sign that tea is doing its effect to eliminate waste. But this can be uncomfortable then, the best is to respect the normal dosage. In addition to refining the belly, Catherine tea burns all body fat mass in general. It starts by eliminating toxins and waste before attacking adipose tissue. Its detox effects significantly accelerate the weight loss process. Based on plants, the product is very effective to lose weight healthy and quickly.

The composition of Catherine tea

This tea is a depurative product and a natural laxative. This is due to its very judicious wording. Indeed, the small bag to infuse contains honey, seed oil, lemon and other plants. Lemon is already known for its thousand and one virtues on the line. It helps you get rid of toxins and holds fat burning capabilities itself. Seed oil, on the other hand, has a high antioxidant content and has diuretic properties. The component also improves digestion. Honey and plants that are all organic are also known for their health and weight loss benefits. Thus, the combination of all these constituents is like a magic formula that makes Catherine tea the slimming tea of exceptional quality. If you take it while eating a healthy and balanced diet, you can be sure to find a dream body in record time.

How to consume it to lose weight?

As an infusion, the instructions for use are simple. Just let a bag of Catherine tea steep in a cup of hot water, let it set for 2 or 3 minutes and drink. But it is on the dosage that we must pay more attention, one cup in the morning and another in the evening are enough to lose weight. It is to be done as a cure of 14 days. Avoid drinking ice water during treatment so as not to disturb the effects of slimming tea.

Herbal teas

A herbal tea (from ancient Greek: πτισάνη, ptisánē which designates a barley gruel and then a decoction, by the Latin tisana) is a drink obtained by maceration, digestion, infusion or decoction of plant material (fresh or dried flowers, leaves, stems, roots), in hot or cold water. The term is used in everyday language to refer to all non-caffeinated infusions and thus differentiate them from tea and mate.

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Technical data sheet

Item weight
95 g
Place of manufacture
Shipping costs
1000 FCFA (Libreville) / 2000 FCFA (Akanda+Owendo)
Contents of the box
16 sachets
Therapeutic indications
Slimming diet, weight, diabetes
Method of administration and dosage
Place the sachet in a cup of boiling water. Leave for 10-20 minutes. Drink before bedtime
Product dimensions (LxWxD)
100 x 85 x 60 mm

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