Natural Life: How Primitive Health Can Transform Your Well-Being

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"Natural Life" is an agricultural cooperative located in Angondjé in the commune of Akanda north of Libreville, the administrative capital of Gabon. Led by Brigitte Landji for almost four years, this group of craftsmen offers consumers natural food supplements. They have the effect of improving well-being and eradicating certain diseases. Seeds, fruits, roots, leaves, herbal teas, liqueurs with bark and wild fruit extracts are all products put forward by the cooperative to promote primitive health.

Plant-based health is a natural medicinal approach that is increasingly being used in our daily lives. In Gabon, Brigitte Landji and her cooperative are among the main promoters of this ancestral tradition. They work on a daily basis, through various cultural events, to raise awareness among the population about the need to reclaim primitive health. A dietary habit focused on the regular consumption of food supplements with extracts of moringa, cloves, cinnamon, neem seeds, ginger, turmeric, bay leaves, etc.

"Plants taken naturally, without prior processing, have the advantage of nourishing the body's cells"

Primary health is also used to make up for deficiencies due to inappropriate dietary practices. It is precisely in order to combat the harmful consequences of "junk food" that Mrs. Landji and her team have specialized in the marketing of "Natural Life" products. Indeed, plants (seeds, fruits, roots, bark, etc.) taken naturally, without prior processing, have the advantage of nourishing the body's cells, boosting the immune system and fighting general fatigue.

An overview of the products exhibited by the "Natural Life" cooperative

The observation made by Brigitte Landji is that the Gabonese population is increasingly exposed to abysmal nutrition. A diet with serious consequences for public health with the increase of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity etc. In this context, primitive health appears, according to her, as an effective alternative to fight against the proliferation of "diseases of civilization". Because, when she compares the current generation with past generations, especially those of our grandparents, there is a big difference in terms of health. She argues that our ancestors lived better, healthier and longer, contrary to what is observed today. For Mrs. Landji, the difference is in the diet.

"Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be in your food"

This is why "Natural Life" advocates a return to the natural consumption of plants in order to reappropriate the way our grandparents do things. For Brigitte Landji, grandma's traditional tricks are necessary to stay healthy. She adds that plants have great virtues. They are the basis for the manufacture of medicines sold in pharmacies. If the plants are sold in the form of molecules in pharmacies, they are just as effective in their raw state. God has left seeds and plants for men and animals to heal themselves. In this regard, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: "Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be in your food!" When you eat well, you don't have any health problems.

Graines de citrouilles produites par "Natural Life" Pumpkin seeds produced by "Natural Life"

The fight led by Mrs. Landji and her cooperative resonates favourably with their customers. The products are very popular and "Natural Life" achieves very good results in terms of image. After all, the cooperative's loyal users are in better physical shape and are less and less sick. This is a sign of satisfaction and hope for the craftsmen's association.

This is why, despite the difficulties inherent in the remoteness of their agricultural area, added to the lack of media visibility, "Natural Life" plans to improve its production in order to cope with the increase in orders.

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Ces produits sont très intéressants
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C'est très intéressant ?
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Oui, en effet.
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félicitations aux produits Natural life
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