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Diakité Biyoghé Modibo is a young architect who decided to become an entrepreneur. The Archi-Design architecture firm that he has just founded has the particularity of offering its services to all strata of the population because the prices applied are really within everyone's reach. Let's take a look back at an atypical adventure.

Of Malian origin, Diakité Biyoghé is a young Gabonese passionate about architecture. Born on March 22, 1992 in Libreville, he is now the owner of a small architectural firm in Petit-Paris in the third arrondissement of the commune of Libreville. The particularity of this start-up is to offer all layers of the population expertise in architecture. Indeed, the prices applied by Archi-Design are the lowest on the market. To materialize her policy, Mody, as many call her, communicates extensively on social networks. This earned him the strong reputation he currently enjoys in certain circles.

But how do we get there?

Mody says that initially, in his childhood, he was very inspired by his father who is passionate about building science and computer science. At home, Mody has long observed and admired his father's work to the point of imitating him. Early on, with his help, Modibo learned to interpret plans and draw. What seemed like a distraction became true love. This is how Mody resolved not to abandon this "art" and to walk in the footsteps of his father.

However, it was in 2016 that the trigger occurred for Diakité Biyoghé when he obtained his Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) at the Institute of Advanced Techniques (ITA) in Libreville. Because, he gets just after a one-year internship in a building construction company based in Libreville. There, he made a wonderful encounter with Wilfried Bony, a confirmed architect who has been practicing in Gabon for several years. It is with him that Modibo will continue his learning.

Mody is happy and fulfilled by his activity which allows him to turn and project himself.

For Diakité Modibo, it is a godsend to work with such an experienced architect. It is a fruitful experience that will allow him to work on several large-scale projects. Mody is so skilled that he soon makes boards that attract the attention of his mentor. The young trainee's plans are regularly checked and corrected before delivery to customers. A satisfactory formation until the day when seasoned, Mody decides to fly on his own.

A plan drawn by the young architect

Today, in its workshop, Mody offers several services to its customers including the design of plans, quantity surveys, work monitoring, consulting, plumbing, electricity, reinforcement plans, visualizations in DD and 3D ... Customers are so satisfied that they buy into the concept. Users come from everywhere to request the services of Archi-Design.

To diversify its activity, Mody also does consulting because some clients do not always know where to start. And, it is a real pleasure for the young man to help his customers. Mody is happy and fulfilled by his activity which allows him to turn and project himself.

The economic crisis in Gabon is slowing down its activity.

However, life is not always so rosy at the architecture firm Archi-design. The difficulties are numerous and threaten the stability of the company. First, the economic crisis in Gabon is slowing down its activity. Indeed, the clientele is declining and Mody is finding it increasingly difficult to assume its expenses. Also, some customers are finding it increasingly difficult to honor their commitments.

                                                                Another project by Modibo

Finally, for some projects, things are not so easy neither for the clients nor for Archi-Design. Often, the rugged terrain of the country makes any real estate development or investment projects perilous. For example, on some marshy or hill terrain, the work is complex and requires more intellectual, material and financial commitments. Because, some soils are not adapted to support certain plane structures. Generally, such situations require a soil study beforehand in order to perform quality work that meets the standards. However, such a process induces an additional cost to be borne by the customer unfortunately.

Mody replies to the following numbers: Tel: (+241) 02608615 / 07747433.

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