"The old sage Fang" - Wooden sculpture - Height: 40 cm

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"The old sage fang", wooden sculpture of artisanal type for ornament. Very original, this work in the form of a large mask comes from the Fang ethnic group of Gabon. Dimensions: Height: 40 cm, width: 33 cm

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Wood carving is a technique that is practiced by removing material. It also refers to the work made of wood. Although the practice of wood carving is very old (there is no trace of it, because wood is a material that does not resist the ravages of time), clay sculpture remains the first technique and the first material used for sculpture. Woodcarving is a skill recognized by the Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in France.

As for traditional masks, they have always held an important place in Gabonese cultures. Each ethnic group has its own, dedicated to varied ceremonies but all important in the rhythm of life of these populations.

The frontal or temporal scarifications in the shape of a nine-point diamond represent their cosmogony and evoke the notion of perfection and wisdom. The central point is the creative principle (God) that gave birth to the four cardinal points (the world) as well as the two primordial couples (humans)

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Technical data sheet

33 cm
40 cm
Place of manufacture
Libreville (Gabon)
Wooden sculpture

Specific references

"The old sage Fang" -...

165.78 $

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