Date Powder - Real Time Foods - Natural Sweetener To Sweeten Your Meals - 250g

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Delicious Natural Date Powder - Your Healthy Alternative to Sugar - To Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Eat healthy and stay healthy by replacing your sugar with date powder. This natural date powder sweetener will go perfectly with your coffee, tea, yoghurt, cottage cheese, cereals and pastries. Delicious and refined, it is excellent for bringing a sweet and savory note to your palate.

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Date Powder - "Real Time Foods" - Natural Alternative Food Supplement to White Sugar - 250g

This product is made from the fruits of the activities of agricultural cooperatives. This new range of food supplements "made in Africa" has been designed by our craftsmen to boost the agricultural activity of our villages but also to improve the health and well-being of our populations faced with the consequences of added sugar. It is also a further step in our commitment to solidarity with our partner producers since it allows us to multiply their outlets and therefore their income.


  • replaces sugar;

  • Improves health;

  • controls diabetes;

  • Improves bowel movements;

  • antioxidant-rich;

  • helps control stomach problems;

  • Strengthens bones.

NB: Sugar is a sweet-flavored substance extracted mainly from sugar cane or sugar beet. Sugar is a sucrose molecule (glucose + fructose). It is also possible to obtain sugar from other plants, including dates.

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Technical data sheet

Item weight
500 g
Real Time Foods
Food supplement
Therapeutic indications
Obesity, diet, digestion, diabetes
Method of administration and dosage
This date powder goes well with yoghurt, milk, cereals and pastries.
Product dimensions (LxWxD)
200 x 153x 40 mm

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Date Powder - Real Time...

11.59 $

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