"The Old Man" - Miniature Stone Sculpture - Height : 13 cm

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Contemporary sculpture of Gabon in Mbigou stone for interior decoration

"The old man" is a small stone statuette 13 cm high. It evokes the return of the old man's fields. This work of art made by the talented artisans of the Cooperative of Artisanal Products of Mbigou (Coopam) highlights the elderly in Gabonese culture. They are the guarantors of knowledge and ancestral wisdom.

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"The old man": Contemporary sculpture of Gabon in stone of Mbigou 13 cm high for interior decoration

Stone carving is an ancient activity of shaping pieces of stone or raw rock by the controlled removal of material, it is the act of artistic shaping of stone. Stone carving is a particular technique of sculpture in that it designates a mode of making a work different from modeling in clay or cast iron.

The term should not be confused with the activity of stonemasons who shape blocks of stone for sculpture but also for architecture, building or civil engineering.

It is also a term used by archaeologists, historians and anthropologists to describe the manufacture of petroglyphs. There are sometimes two types of stone carving:

  • shaping a rock directly where it is;

  • the one much more widespread nowadays, based on the work of a block of stone previously extracted from a quarry.

Technical data sheet

7 cm
13 cm
Item weight
300 g
Pierre de Mbigou (Gabon)
Place of manufacture
Libreville (Gabon)
COOPAM (Libreville)
Stone sculpture

Specific references

"The Old Man" - Miniature...

41.43 $

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