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Air Conditioner/Split - Super General - 18000 BTU - SGST1805/SGST1805R - Hot and Cold

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  • Rated capacity: T1 (Btu/H)18,000
  • Compressor type: rotary
  • Type of climate / air flow: T1 / 800
  • Refrigerant type: R22
  • Voltage(V, Hz, Ph): 220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph
  • Dimension: (Interior Product / Package WxDxH mm)718x180x240 / 805x255x305
  • Dimension:(Outdoor-Prod / Pack WxDxH Mm)600x232x500 / 745x353x550
  • Weight (Interior) (kg net / gross):11/14
  • Weight (Outdoor) (kg net / gross):40/44
  • Follow me / I feel
  • Hidden view
  • On/off timer
  • Eco-friendly fashion
  • Smart defrosting: anti-cold air
  • Gold Fin
  • Sleep mode Automatic restart
  • Memory function
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The wall split is generally ideal for installation within the home. The wall split cools the place but can also heat it when it is equipped with reversible technology. Dedicated to well-being and thermal comfort, this equipment makes it possible to save energy without resorting to heavy development work.

The wall split, due to its ease of installation and its small footprint within the home, is one of the most widespread models of home air conditioning. As its name suggests, the split is fixed to the wall, or even to the ceiling depending on the case and the constraints imposed by the place. The majority of appliances of this type are reversible in order to offer two functions that make it useful throughout the year, namely a cooling function for periods of heat and, conversely, a heating function for the winter.

In case of extreme cold, however, it will be necessary to use another heating system. There are also systems capable of detecting the presence of occupants and, consequently, adapting the thermal environment of the premises. In practice, the system wakes up from sleep mode when a person is detected. Components Composed of at least two units, the wall split works on the basis of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Beyond two units, it will then be a question of multi-split. To connect these units, pipes are installed. They make it possible to circulate, at variable or fixed power, refrigerants.

A simple day will be enough for a professional to install this type of device. As part of this installation, he will have to pass the pipes through the walls and set up the various units planned. This is the job of a refrigeration technician since he will also have to make the adjustments of your air conditioner. The units must be placed in such a way that they do not affect the comfort of the occupants on the one hand, and that they can function perfectly, without risk of malfunction, on the other hand. Thus, inside, the unit must be accessible for maintenance and must not see air circulation impeded in front of it. In addition, the internal wall unit should be placed at least two meters high.

Regarding the outdoor unit, it will be installed away from the sun and wind while avoiding the proximity of the windows for reasons of noise pollution. In order to provide cooler air during hot seasons, the wall split, like a refrigerator, captures the calories present in the ambient air and rejects them outside.

On the other hand, in the cold season, it acts as a heat pump. It should be noted that, beyond these functions, the wall-mounted air conditioner makes it possible to obtain healthier air, free of its excess moisture and allergenic particles in suspense thanks to its filtration system. During its use, temperature settings are possible via a remote control.

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