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African Wax Fabric - Egnonwou - 3 x 2 Yards - 100% Cotton - Brown & Blue

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Are you looking for this loincloth pattern? We find it for you. Two-tone Brown & Blue Wax Loincloth with entirely hand-drawn flower motifs.

Egnowou Wax Loincloth in multiple colors with flower patterns entirely drawn by hand. The many drawn elements that appear on it make it a true work of art. Currently unavailable, we do not know when or if this item will be restocked. Let's just remember that it's a:

  • 100% Cotton Wax fabric, colorful and luminous.

  • 5.48 meters in height.

  • Ideal loincloth to make your most beautiful creations (Boubou, Sarong, Skirt, Fashion Accessories...). 100% cotton / 130 gr/m² 6 yard = 5.48 meters / width = 1.2 m

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Egnowou Two Tone Multi-Color Wax Loincloth with Fully Hand-Drawn Flower Patterns - 2 x 3 Yards

The wax loincloth is a type of African loincloth made of wax, a printed fabric used in West Africa, as far away as the Democratic Republic of Congo. The wax loincloth technique is inspired by Javanese batiks, made with hydrophobic waxes. The first fabrics of this style were brought back by Ghanaian mercenaries working in Indonesia for the British and Dutch. The creation and weaving of these loincloths gave rise to a real industry, the originals having been produced in Holland (real Dutch wax).

Technical data sheet

5.48 meters
1.2 meter
Item weight
855 g
100% Cotton
Egnowou Wax
Pattern / Color:
Brown & Blue

Specific references

African Wax Fabric -...

46.41 $

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