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Legacy Total Wellness Coffee - Legacy Life Choice - Arabica Instant Coffee - 35 G 100% Organic - 10 bags of 20 g

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Instant Arabica coffee, 100% natural, to fill up on energy for top health

Legacy coffee nourishes the body's stem cells. It is good for diabetics, fights fatigue and protects the liver. This coffee is recommended for relieving joint pain, weakness sexu_elle. Finally, the Legacy café is ideal for combating anxiety, depression, stress, mood and sleep disorders.

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Légacy Café, Instant food supplement to boost well-being and replenish energy, 10 sachets of 3.5 g

Coffee (from Arabic القهوة: Elqahwah, stimulating drink) is a psychotropic stimulating energy drink, obtained from the roasted seeds of various varieties of coffee plant, the coffee shrub, of the Coffea genus. It is one of the top three most consumed caffeinated beverages in the world, along with tea and mate.

Coffee cultivation is highly developed in many tropical countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia, on plantations that are grown for international trade export markets. It often represents a major contribution to the economy of producing countries (coffee economy).

The Arabian coffee tree is a small tree less than 9 m tall, which appreciates the shade of taller trees. The evergreen, glossy green, elliptical leaves have a short petiole. The white, suave flowers are grouped in glomeruli of 3 to 7 in the axils of the leaves. Their gamopetal corolla is tube-shaped with 4 or 5 lobes. The fruits are berries, called "cherries", bright red or purple in color when ripe, whose pulp is sweet. They contain two seeds, placed facing each other, in the characteristic shape of coffee beans.

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Technical data sheet

7 cm
12 cm
Item weight
35 g
Contents of the box
10 bags of 3.5 g
Therapeutic indications
Well-being, Sexual weakness, Stroke, Cancer...
Method of administration and dosage
Pour a coffee bag into a mug Add hot water and mix well. To drink hot or cold

Specific references

Legacy Total Wellness...

29.83 $

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