Decorative Sculpture in Wood of Doussié - The Panther of Gabon - Height : 13 cm

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The Gabonese panther is a sublime wooden animal sculpture from Doussié. It is a piece of choice in terms of atypical and exotic decoration. This wooden panther will create a tropical, chic and ethnic atmosphere in your home that is both warm and welcoming.

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With ethnic and exotic chic trends, modern wood carving is the perfect element for a warm atmosphere and an atypical decoration. This wooden sculpture will give character to your home while remaining in simplicity and authenticity thanks to its natural materials.

Several species of trees in the family Ebenaceae and belonging to the genus Diospyros are called ebony or are also called ebony. They are found in the tropical regions of the Old World and have been known since ancient times for the black color of their wood. Already at the time of Pharaonic Egypt, this wood was used in the composition of small precious objects of all kinds.

Ebony is a precious wood mainly from Africa. The eboner is a small tree with a small trunk diameter. It does not allow the realization without gluing of large parts. Ebony is a very hard and dense wood. The sculpture is very difficult and requires a lot of dexterity

Technical data sheet

6 cm
13 cm
44 cm
Item weight
900 g
Doussié wood
Place of manufacture
Libreville (Gabon)
Atelier la Forge

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49.74 $